As we all know, the Internet, Social Media and different applications have changed our live enormously in the last few years. These changes affected the whole economy including the travel industry. Following, a short overview over the most important changes in the world of travel.

Nowadays, a huge number of travellers are booking hotels, flights and trips through the internet. Every third traveller out of four uses a mobile device while on the move and 45% of the travellers own a mobile device that allows them to browse the Internet. More and more people are likely to explore, shop and book travel activities via mobile devices. In order to react to this trend more and more destinations are offering internet access  and free wifi to make their customers feel satisfied. Besides the destinations, also other companies in the travel industry had to adapt themselves to this trend. They developed new applications and websites to allow people to check in, to board the airline and to leave reviews of different hotels, restaurants and resorts. Leading with mobile and social technology in the tourism industry are tripadvisor, easyjet and 5% of apps at the Apple App store are travel apps and the tendency is increasing. To look ahead it is expected that the mobile internet will take over the desktop internet usage in the next few years and that the mobile commerce will probably grow by 55%. Furthermore, online purchases in the travel industry will rise worldwide and new as well as innovative apps will be launched.

With new technologies and innovations customer demand is changing steadily that means that the travel sector will always be dynamic what makes it more interesting and ensure a good service.Image