All ( or most ) know quite useful tool that Google offers , it serves us to visit a place you ‘ve never been and do not know yet. Who of you have not used Google Maps as a GPS to locate a store , a restaurant , a bar, a mall or even the home of a friend or family member and to more accurately locate turn to Google Street View, an option offered Maps for ( visually) the exact location where we are ( virtually) . Recall that this useful tool is a system of simultaneous and continuous photos of the streets and suburbs around the world.Would you like to use the Street View and know what exactly is happening in this place? Well, Tourism Victoria , the official website of the tourist office in Melbourne has launched a new and dangerous path with the help of this promotional tool called Remote Control Tourist ( RCT ). Tom and Lucy, two “tourists” equipped with helmet -mounted cameras, microphones , GPS and some mobile live streaming technology, who then take instructions from users doing lot on where to go , and what doing lot to do in the city . On the website , users can register via Facebook and Twitter to give instructions to Tom and Lucy of what they want to see, from telling them to take a photo with the artists of the bar, to ask them to try the green tea and give us their opinion. Is not only a live broadcast on internet , users can give their comments about what Tom and Lucy are doing live. Visitors in addition may also have a satellite view of the map with markers on it, indicating the points of interest , a little information about them and activities on each places.

Hashtags ? ?, Of course! For users in contact with Tom and Lucy must use the hashtag #MelbourneRCT

Unfortunately this activity lasted for five days , from 9 to 13 October , hopefully soon surprise us in another city, Would you like it to be yours