Mash Me Tv is a social cloud based platform focused on a video chat where you can share experiences and content using just a browser.

It was created last year 2012 by Víctor Sánchez Belmar, who is the current CEO, and is getting more and more popularity. Already 35.000 people of 71 countries have used it and now they are spreading through US and south of America.

Mash Me is changing the way we communicate online. It is not a conversation based platform but a social video chat where you can talk face to face with up to 10 people.

And much more than that! Mash Me allows for instance sharing, create and edit documents or watch videos together, use Google maps or browse webs together. It is fast, cheap and easy to use.

It can also provide virtual meeting rooms with memory that stores the results of the actions and documents previously shared, thus spontaneous meetings wherever you go are  possible, specially because is also available for iPhone and Android.

Are you missing friends or relatives in your amazing trip and you want to tell them how nice that place is?Talk with all them at the same time and share what´s going on there!

Log in just with your own network social account and find out all the possibilities Mash Me Tv offers.