A new trend emerged to the market, and if you would like some more action in your life, it might be something for you.Geocaching is a real life treasure hunt that’s happening everywhere around you. At the moment, there are more thantwo million active geocaches and over 6 million geocachersworldwide.


Geocaching is made by people. This means that every individual may hide something at a special spot, mostly in nature. They need to hide it in a water resistant box, include a diary  and a nice object which may be used to trade. After hiding it, they need to define the exact coordinates via a GPS device, and then publish these on the geocache websitewww.geocaching.com. From this moment on, other people can read the coordinates and start looking for the cache. Once they found it, they need to log in their visit to publish it.Geocaching has been made even more easy to use since thepublication of the official geocaching application for Iphoneand Android. This application guides you to your cache in a very simple way, allowing you to use the GPS on your mobile device. 

The game is very successful worldwide. It’s even so successful that the owners of geocaching decided to create aGeoTour. A GeoTour is a collection of caches that takegeocachers on a tour in a specific area. This tour takes them to the most beautiful places of a city. One nice aspect of it is that when you start looking for a cache, you’ll receive lots of information about the location.  Information about the buildings, arts, designers and so on. So far, geocaching has worked with local tourism boards, the National Park Service, historical associations and private companies to create customized GeoTours. All this, to make the adventure even more successful for you.

It’s thus a very good way to discover the beauty around you, and go to places you might have never discovered before. All you need to do is navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and go.