TourRadar, an online tours and activities provider, describes its “Meet Others” mobile application as Whats App for the group tours industry. TourRadar Meet Others is a cross-platform messaging application that allows you to login using Facebook, Google+ or TourRadar profile information. You can exchange messages with other travellers from your mobile device, discuss travel planes with your future travel buddies or get to know a tour group before you decided to book on the same tour. It opens up a whole world of communication, making it easy to connect with travellers, but also to chat during the trip and to stay connected after everyone gets home.


Group tours like safaris, treks and bus trips are inherently social, but weirdly enough, until TourRadar developed the Meet Others application there was virtually no way for people to get to know each other before arriving at their tour destination. By using TourRadar Meet Others, travellers can better inform themselves before making critical purchasing decisions about the organised group tour that suits their needs.



If you have TourRadar Meet Others application, you can connect with other travellers on your group before you even walk out of your front door, and head out your travel adventure with a group of friend rather than a bunch of stranger.

TourRadar is a perfect place to get in touch with other travellers on your group.