Traveling without map isn’t possible, especially if you don’t have Google maps in your smartphone. You don’t need to get a lot of books or brochures in your trip; you can get just your phone, put it in the bag and don’t forget to download Google maps on your smartphone. Now travel with Google maps is easier. Three months ago Google launched an updated version of its service.

One thing which was in the old version, but don’t exist in new is introduction new multiple target localization. After a short time it was back. This feature is very useful in traveling, noting places we want to visit. Now we can plan our trip in different way. Google share a feature like “discover the world”, which is located in the lower right of the screen. You can find there all available attractions in the place you will visit and if move the cursor on the image you can see where this place is located. Although this feature was available before, but combined appointment with a few points make it more practical.


Another useful feature in Google maps is information about reservation. If you entre an airport from which you fly and have a reserved ticket, you will see all this information below the search box. This personal information is available if you have operative your Google account. Unfortunately, this feature can use residents of U.S but we are waiting when this will appear in Europe.


The last new feature in Google maps is upcoming events. If you don’t know about the cultural events, you can enter the place where such events take place and Google on the screenshot above will display all dates of the upcoming events. It’s very practical especially when you travel a lot.


If you are looking for useful information on your trip, you don’t need spend a lot of time in front of the computer. You need know where you want to go and Google maps will help you. It never ceases to surprise us. So, don’t care about your trip, just follow Google maps and enjoy your holiday!