TourRadar, an online tours and activities provider, describes its “Meet Others” mobile application as Whats App for the group tours industry. TourRadar Meet Others is a cross-platform messaging application that allows you to login using Facebook, Google+ or TourRadar profile information. You can exchange messages with other travellers from your mobile device, discuss travel planes with your future travel buddies or get to know a tour group before you decided to book on the same tour. It opens up a whole world of communication, making it easy to connect with travellers, but also to chat during the trip and to stay connected after everyone gets home.


Group tours like safaris, treks and bus trips are inherently social, but weirdly enough, until TourRadar developed the Meet Others application there was virtually no way for people to get to know each other before arriving at their tour destination. By using TourRadar Meet Others, travellers can better inform themselves before making critical purchasing decisions about the organised group tour that suits their needs.



If you have TourRadar Meet Others application, you can connect with other travellers on your group before you even walk out of your front door, and head out your travel adventure with a group of friend rather than a bunch of stranger.

TourRadar is a perfect place to get in touch with other travellers on your group.



A new trend emerged to the market, and if you would like some more action in your life, it might be something for you.Geocaching is a real life treasure hunt that’s happening everywhere around you. At the moment, there are more thantwo million active geocaches and over 6 million geocachersworldwide.

Geocaching is made by people. This means that every individual may hide something at a special spot, mostly in nature. They need to hide it in a water resistant box, include a diary  and a nice object which may be used to trade. After hiding it, they need to define the exact coordinates via a GPS device, and then publish these on the geocache From this moment on, other people can read the coordinates and start looking for the cache. Once they found it, they need to log in their visit to publish it.Geocaching has been made even more easy to use since thepublication of the official geocaching application for Iphoneand Android. This application guides you to your cache in a very simple way, allowing you to use the GPS on your mobile device. 

The game is very successful worldwide. It’s even so successful that the owners of geocaching decided to create aGeoTour. A GeoTour is a collection of caches that takegeocachers on a tour in a specific area. This tour takes them to the most beautiful places of a city. One nice aspect of it is that when you start looking for a cache, you’ll receive lots of information about the location.  Information about the buildings, arts, designers and so on. So far, geocaching has worked with local tourism boards, the National Park Service, historical associations and private companies to create customized GeoTours. All this, to make the adventure even more successful for you.

It’s thus a very good way to discover the beauty around you, and go to places you might have never discovered before. All you need to do is navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and go.


Mash Me Tv is a social cloud based platform focused on a video chat where you can share experiences and content using just a browser.

It was created last year 2012 by Víctor Sánchez Belmar, who is the current CEO, and is getting more and more popularity. Already 35.000 people of 71 countries have used it and now they are spreading through US and south of America.

Mash Me is changing the way we communicate online. It is not a conversation based platform but a social video chat where you can talk face to face with up to 10 people.

And much more than that! Mash Me allows for instance sharing, create and edit documents or watch videos together, use Google maps or browse webs together. It is fast, cheap and easy to use.

It can also provide virtual meeting rooms with memory that stores the results of the actions and documents previously shared, thus spontaneous meetings wherever you go are  possible, specially because is also available for iPhone and Android.

Are you missing friends or relatives in your amazing trip and you want to tell them how nice that place is?Talk with all them at the same time and share what´s going on there!

Log in just with your own network social account and find out all the possibilities Mash Me Tv offers.

Traveling without map isn’t possible, especially if you don’t have Google maps in your smartphone. You don’t need to get a lot of books or brochures in your trip; you can get just your phone, put it in the bag and don’t forget to download Google maps on your smartphone. Now travel with Google maps is easier. Three months ago Google launched an updated version of its service.

One thing which was in the old version, but don’t exist in new is introduction new multiple target localization. After a short time it was back. This feature is very useful in traveling, noting places we want to visit. Now we can plan our trip in different way. Google share a feature like “discover the world”, which is located in the lower right of the screen. You can find there all available attractions in the place you will visit and if move the cursor on the image you can see where this place is located. Although this feature was available before, but combined appointment with a few points make it more practical.


Another useful feature in Google maps is information about reservation. If you entre an airport from which you fly and have a reserved ticket, you will see all this information below the search box. This personal information is available if you have operative your Google account. Unfortunately, this feature can use residents of U.S but we are waiting when this will appear in Europe.


The last new feature in Google maps is upcoming events. If you don’t know about the cultural events, you can enter the place where such events take place and Google on the screenshot above will display all dates of the upcoming events. It’s very practical especially when you travel a lot.


If you are looking for useful information on your trip, you don’t need spend a lot of time in front of the computer. You need know where you want to go and Google maps will help you. It never ceases to surprise us. So, don’t care about your trip, just follow Google maps and enjoy your holiday!


All ( or most ) know quite useful tool that Google offers , it serves us to visit a place you ‘ve never been and do not know yet. Who of you have not used Google Maps as a GPS to locate a store , a restaurant , a bar, a mall or even the home of a friend or family member and to more accurately locate turn to Google Street View, an option offered Maps for ( visually) the exact location where we are ( virtually) . Recall that this useful tool is a system of simultaneous and continuous photos of the streets and suburbs around the world.Would you like to use the Street View and know what exactly is happening in this place? Well, Tourism Victoria , the official website of the tourist office in Melbourne has launched a new and dangerous path with the help of this promotional tool called Remote Control Tourist ( RCT ). Tom and Lucy, two “tourists” equipped with helmet -mounted cameras, microphones , GPS and some mobile live streaming technology, who then take instructions from users doing lot on where to go , and what doing lot to do in the city . On the website , users can register via Facebook and Twitter to give instructions to Tom and Lucy of what they want to see, from telling them to take a photo with the artists of the bar, to ask them to try the green tea and give us their opinion. Is not only a live broadcast on internet , users can give their comments about what Tom and Lucy are doing live. Visitors in addition may also have a satellite view of the map with markers on it, indicating the points of interest , a little information about them and activities on each places.

Hashtags ? ?, Of course! For users in contact with Tom and Lucy must use the hashtag #MelbourneRCT

Unfortunately this activity lasted for five days , from 9 to 13 October , hopefully soon surprise us in another city, Would you like it to be yours


The hotel chain Melía has launched in the summer of 2012 the first ‘Twitter experience hotel’ in the world. Located in the beach of Magaluf (Mallorca), Sol Wave House Hotel guarantees new friendships, experiences, surprises and fun.

The main driver of this experience is based on a virtual community called #SocialWave, available only from the Wi-Fi of the hotel to which clients can access from their mobile or electronic device, registering with their twitter accounts. Through two Twitter ‘concierge’ customers can access any application via the social network, in addition to participating in moderate virtual conversations encouraged by the agents of the hotel.Image

Thus, customers can chat via Twitter and get to know each other, compete in contests, experience, share pictures, etc. Every corner of the hotel is designed to generate new conversations.

In addition, the hotel created the new #TwitterPartySuites where customers can enjoy with their friends treats like special drinks on their arrival, 20% discount on all bars and restaurant in the hotel, customizable mini bar and a free drink in the #TwitterPoolParty held every Friday in the hotel.

With the new traveler generation, always looking for new experiences and emotions to share with a growing virtual community, the number of such hotels might significantly increase in the next few years.  

As we all know, the Internet, Social Media and different applications have changed our live enormously in the last few years. These changes affected the whole economy including the travel industry. Following, a short overview over the most important changes in the world of travel.

Nowadays, a huge number of travellers are booking hotels, flights and trips through the internet. Every third traveller out of four uses a mobile device while on the move and 45% of the travellers own a mobile device that allows them to browse the Internet. More and more people are likely to explore, shop and book travel activities via mobile devices. In order to react to this trend more and more destinations are offering internet access  and free wifi to make their customers feel satisfied. Besides the destinations, also other companies in the travel industry had to adapt themselves to this trend. They developed new applications and websites to allow people to check in, to board the airline and to leave reviews of different hotels, restaurants and resorts. Leading with mobile and social technology in the tourism industry are tripadvisor, easyjet and 5% of apps at the Apple App store are travel apps and the tendency is increasing. To look ahead it is expected that the mobile internet will take over the desktop internet usage in the next few years and that the mobile commerce will probably grow by 55%. Furthermore, online purchases in the travel industry will rise worldwide and new as well as innovative apps will be launched.

With new technologies and innovations customer demand is changing steadily that means that the travel sector will always be dynamic what makes it more interesting and ensure a good service.Image